Wizest Wasted Wizard Bash

Wizest Wasted Wizard BashRumor has it that a variety of bad beers are plotting to take over Bloomington and the surrounding area–their goal? Utter destruction of anything delicious and drinkable!

Your two wisest (and potentially wasted) wizards, Lick Herp Package and Eight Balls of Fire, request your presence at precisely 3pm this Sunday at Boner’s Lot to combat this travesty!

Alas, we have grown old and fragile–for being a wise and wasted wizard can take a toll on one’s health (believe it or not!). Therefore we will require your assistance in protecting the fine beer of Bloomington from dark forces unknown!

But fear not would be wise/wasted wizards, for we will provide thee with powerful spells to assist you in your quest! And if all goes well, these horrid, nefarious beers will be scattered to the far recesses of the podunk towns surrounding Bloomington for them to drink instead of us! (Because bad beer always finds it’s way back…)

And maybe, just maybe, one of you, and only one, will earn the esteemed title of the Wizest Wasted Wizard. Bragging rights abound!

Intrigued? You should be. Cause this is effing Lick Herp Package’s 10th bash he’s bared/helped bare so expect something crazy!

Admission will be $6. Virgins are free. Duh.

When: Sunday, 4/3 at 3pm
Where: Boner’s Lot <map>

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