6/17 – 6/19 BFH3 Analversary 19

BFH3 Analversary 19Registration for the Blooming Fools mostly-annual hash-family reunion campout, BFH3 Analversary 19, is now live!

Pre-Registration is *required* in order to attend Analversary, so please visit http://www.bfh3.com/?page_id=2692 to register today!

Please note: Analversary is a BFH3-mostly event and pricing is supplemented from hash cash as a thank-you to our loyal wankers who hash with us all year round.

In light of this, *please* do not advertise Analversary as a travel hash opportunity or post the registration link to other kennel pages. Travelers, especially former fools, frequent visitors, and of course besties and partners of Fools are welcome to join us for our hash family weekend, but again, this event should not be advertised as a travel hash opportunity. Wankers with questions about this should contact the facebook account “JM Bloomingfools” or email bloomingfoolsh3@gmail.com.

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