BFH3 Hash #769: Yellow Subbeerine Hash


The 769th Blooming Fools Hash: Yellow Subbeerine Edition

Join the BFH3 for a shiggy-filled psychedelic romp through the wilds of Morgan-Monroe State Forest, visiting along the way:
The Sea of Nettles
The Sea of Spiderwebs
The Sea of Time (In Your Life That You’ll Never Get Back)
and, of course, the Sea of Beer!

The yellowest hasher wins a completely random but certainly alcoholic prize. There’ll be alternative beverages, nonnutritious snacks, and beer for everyone! “All you need is beer…”

The hash will start from Bryant Creek Lake in Morgan-Monroe State Forest. To get there, take Old State Road 37 north to Morgan-Monroe State Forest. Turn right onto the Forest Road, go about 50 yards, and turn right to the Bryant Creek Shelter parking lot. Latitude 39 Longitude -86.

HARE: White Lightning and Imaginary Friend (so far)
CASH: $7, virgins are free

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